Effective adjuvant

Formulation: Liquid

It is a unique sticker / spreader / translocator and contains ingredients for quick wetting, uniform spray, Micronized droplet spray fluid distribution and retention of spray fluid on plant surface.


Stanowet can reduce drifting of pesticides and ensures uniform distribution of spray fluid. It compatible with most of the Pesticide formulations and foliar fertilisers. It reduces surface tension on the molecules and increases the penetration in the cuticular and stomatal pore. It contains safe ingredients and no effect on natural enemies.


Crops Recommended: All crops.

Dosage:  Stanowet100 ml in 100 lit of water / acre.

250 ml in 250 lit of water / ha

Shelf life:  Two years.


Stanowet can be mixed in water and sprayed along with desired pesticides / fertilisers.

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