Iced Tea Premix

Experience the delicious refreshment from our range of iced tea premixes. Our iced teas are a combination of high-quality tea with natural extracts of delicious complimentary fruit flavours, enriched with complementary Vitamin C.  This delivers an exquisite elegance of a healthy beverage, making these iced teas your go-to-favorite for any day of the year.

ice tea

Our premium Range of Ice tea premix includes

Instant Premix products

Lemon Tea Premix (Hot or Cold)

Stanes Instant lemon Tea a refreshing drink combining the finest quality tea with natural extracts of tangy lemon, mildly sweetened and enriched with Vitamin C. It make a perfect drink when you just want to take it easy.

Palm N Ginger (Sukku Kapi)

Stanes Palm N Ginger – Nutritive health drink is a sweet and spicy blend of palm jaggery and ginger with other spices for that unique taste and exceptional health benefits. Palm jaggery prepared from the sap of the flowers of Palmyrah tree is rich in proteins, minerals, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A, B and C, is blended with Ginger, Coriander, Long pepper etc., – plant constituents that are well established for their medicinal value.

Consumed every day, this health drink that is made available as a ready-to-brew premix helps all in the family to build better immunity, keep cold and cough at bay and feel very fresh and active.

Ginger Drink Mix

The Ginger Drink Mix is a spicy blend of ginger with other spices for that unique taste.

It is rich in antioxidants and has an invigorating taste with multiple health benefits such as increasing immunity and also provide relief from gastric problems such as flatulence, acidity, constipation and lethargy.

It can be added with milk or tea/coffee.

Stanes Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk, being a traditional health drink to enhances immunity and gives relief from flatulence, Acidity, Constipation and Lethargy. It keeps cold and cough at bay.

Stanes Palm Candy Drink Mix

Palm sugar, dry ginger with milk is an age-old home remedy for cold and cough. It also constitutes an excellent source of vitamins and iron. The mix being rich in iron also helps in the treatment of anemia. Palm candy with milk relieves urinary distress, infection in the urinary tract, and body heat. It is also considered as a good cure for sore throat and ear pain when mixed with warm milk, pepper, and turmeric.

Stanes Ginger - Lemon - Honey - Green Tea

It is a refreshing drink that combines the antioxidant property of green tea with the extracts of lemon and ginger complemented with honey granules.

Stanes Badam Drink Mix

Our Badam Drink is a perfect blend of badam, kesar, elaichi and skimmed milk powder. It is a nutrition rich powder which makes a great health drink for kids and is sure a healthy alternative to the commercial health drinks which are loaded with synthetic nutrients. The dry fruits included in this mix are rich in calcium and Vitamin E. Regular consumption is proven to strengthen bones, aid in brain development and strengthen the immune system. 

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