Head Office

T.Stanes and Company Limited is a constituent of the Amalgamations Group, one of the best-known conglomerates from South India. The company celebrated its 150 years in 2012, a landmark event, establishing a tradition of continuity and growth.


Sir Robert Stanes, the founder of T.Stanes and Company Limited, was a man of exceptional business acumen, extraordinary vision and unbound love for humanity.

T.Stanes and Company Limited., which was founded in 1861 with coffee curing, went on to handle several activities. It was a pioneer in several fields, as its founders were among the early cultivators of Coffee and Tea in the Nilgiris. Sir Robert Stanes set up the first cloth mill in Coimbatore in the early years of the 20th century, a development that resulted in the city becoming termed the ‘Manchester of South India’. Stanes was involved in the first electricity and public transport schemes in Coimbatore. This was the company that then famed in the mechanical mixing of fertilizers and also introduced instant coffee to India.

Old Office

In the Centenary year, 1961, T.Stanes and Company Limited was acquired by the Amalgamations Group.


Late Shri S. Anantharamakrishnan, the Founder Chairman of Amalgamations Group played a key role in the acquisition. Stanes continued its commitment to innovate, build and grow in a sustainable manner as a member of the group.


Over a period Stanes went on to make agriculture its mainstay, taking on the business of fertilizer blends, in which it continues to be a market leader. An important turning point was achieved in late 1980s, credits to continued Research & Development, the company produced a whole range of bio-products, from organic fertilizer mixtures to growth regulators and Biologicals for the control of pests and diseases in plants. These products are marketed by the Stanes network, which is a vast chain that extends through most of the rural heartland of India. Besides it continuously carries out interactions with farmers thereby improving their lot and giving back to the community.

The company’s pioneering effort in going green has been repeatedly recognized by the Government of India with awards and partnerships for further projects in research and development as well as great appreciation from customers around the globe. Encouraged by its foray into bio-products, Stanes also produced, after significant research, a full array of herbal teas and ayurvedic remedies. Its love for maintaining the environment is of course reflected in its line of products and aptly echoed through its vision, to be ‘Friends of the Earth’.

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