Our main aim through Research & Development is to develop new products as well as improve the properties and functionality of the older products. We are constantly looking for new active ingredients that can control crop pests; improve yield and productivity in unique ways. Our research involves creating new and innovative products on Nutrient management, Pest management, Disease management and Water management.


We give farmers access to a steady flow of new and current resources to help them maximize yields on limited farmland. In order to achieve that, we conduct testing on the plant, soil and in-house field efficacy trials as well as at farmer’s fields and validate the products through agricultural university bio-efficacy studies.


As a part of our ongoing open innovation initiatives, we collaborate with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research Institute and State Agricultural Universities for new product and technology development. Our products are registered at Central Insecticide Board, Fertilizer Control Order and Organic certification agencies. We also generate data on toxicology for product registration both in National and International institutions.

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