For vegetative growth



Pepto is a plant extract that stimulates plant growth naturally. It is a phyto-bio stimulant rich in low molecular weight peptides coupled with natural growth stimulating bio-molecules and metabolic enhancers without the use of any chemical additives.


Pepto is a source of organic Nitrogen. It promotes healthy plants and root systems. It alleviates abiotic stress and does not cater to environmental pollution as like urea and nitrates.

Crops Recommended: All crops.


Foliar application:  1.0 lit/acre and 2.5 lit/ha.

Shelf life:  Two years.

Mode of Action:

Pepto contains low molecular weight peptides and natural growth stimulating bio-molecules that regulate enzymes, glutamine synthetase and citrate synthase, leading to improved plant health and yield.


1st application:  Vegetative stage (20-25 days after transplanting).

2nd application: Pre-flowering/fruit formation stage.

To increase number of flowers


(Biostimulant – Metabolic activator)

Modulin is a foliar bio-stimulant with organic mineral activators, that promote the plant metabolic activities for an increased number of flowers and plant growth.


Modulin maximizes the genetic potential of plants. It increases the structural integrity of the cell membrane and cell division. It regulates the developmental processes and augmentation of the physiological potential in crops. It activates the physiological process, growth and productivity. Modulin increases root growth, uptake of nutrients and crop yield.

Crops Recommended: All crops.


Foliar application:  1.0 kg/acre and 2.5 kg/ha.

Shelf life:  Two years.

Mode of Action:

The mineral activators in the formulation trigger the target gene and work as signal inducers for the plant, to respond and activate the plant’s metabolism which promotes plant growth and increases the number of flowers.


Modulin can be applied before the flowering stage in multiple crops.

To improve the fruit quality


(Biostimulant – Plant Vitalizer)

Fytovita is a plant vitalizer based on the combination of important vitamins and amino acids, that are essential for plant growth.


Fytovita helps to enhance plant growth and improves plant health. It helps to mitigate the abiotic stress in plants. It enhances the process of photosynthesis in plants, improves the yield and quality of produce.


Crops Recommended: All crops.


Foliar application: 1.0 lit/acre and 2.5 lit/ha

Shelf life:  Two years.

Mode of Action:

Fytovita promotes cell elongation and cell division. It enhances shoot growth and early root formation. The amino acid in Fytovita improves plant growth and yield.


Method of application   :    Foliar application

Time of application         :    Three applications at vegetative,

Pre-flowering and fruit setting stages.



(Granule / Liquid)
Formulation: Granules and Liquid

Stanohume is an eco-friendly product with natural humic substance for soil health management.


Stanohume improves the structure of the soil and increases water retention, plant root growth, quality and yield. It regulates the soil pH, improves nutrient uptake and acts as an organic catalyst. It assists by enhancing the humic acid availability to the plant. It improves soil fertility and is an ‘organic certified product’.

Crops Recommended:  All Crops.


Soil Application: 5.0 kg /acre

Foliar Application: 1.0 lit / acre

Shelf life: Three years.

Mode of Action:

Humic acid triggers an increase in the level of IAA which promotes root growth and increases the concentration of abscisic acid to protect plants from unfavourable conditions.


Stanohume can be applied in the main field as soil treatment along with beneficial microbes (BioCure-F, BioCure-B and BioNematon etc.). The liquid product can be sprayed as foliar application during the vegetative stage. It can also be applied through drip irrigation.

Plant root health management


(Biostimulant for soil Application)
Formulation: Liquid

Dr.Root is a Biostimulant used for strengthening the plant root system and overall plant growth.


Dr.Root improves the plant health and plant growth. It strengthens the root and helps in greater uptake of nutrients through the enhanced root proliferation. It is an eco-friendly and non-toxic product. It does not cause any harm to the rhizosphere’s beneficial microbes.


Crops Recommended: All Crops.

Dosage:  1.0 lit/acre and 2.5 lit/ha.

Shelf life: Two years.

Mode of Action:

Dr.Root promotes vigorous plant growth, root system development and stimulates the nutrient uptake in the plant system.


Soil Application: Mix Dr.Root (500 ml) in 200 kgs of organic fertilizer (DOrS, Apoorvam or Eco Friend) or organic manure or jungle soil thoroughly and apply it around the plant root zone.

Drip Application:  1 lit/acre.

Water Management

Green Miracle

(Plant Stress Alleviator)

Formulation: Liquid

Green Miracle is a new-generation and anti-stress product based on fatty alcohol for agricultural crops. It contributes to a cooler canopy, reducing plant tissue temperatures and reflects harmful solar radiation.


Green Miracle reduces the water loss from the leaf surface by reflecting a greater amount of incident light than it would occur under normal conditions. It helps plants to recover from thermic and/or cold stress and improves resistance to drought and frost. Green Miracle helps to maintain the relative water content of the plant cells. Green Miracle improves the post-harvest keeping quality and vase life.

Crops Recommended: All Crops.

Dosage: 1.25 lit / acre and 3.0 lit / ha.

Shelf life: Two years


Preparation of spray solution by filling the dry, clean container with the recommended amount of Green Miracle and add water. Stir well to get a good emulsion.

Mode of Action:

Green Miracle functions primarily on the principle of reflecting the sun’s rays. Applied as a foliar spray, it forms a thin glassy film-coat, which reflects incident light more than it would occur under normal conditions. This prevents the thermic effect of light on plant tissues.


(Biostimulant - a source of organic Nitrogen)

5MIN is a microbial formulation that stimulates the physiological processes when applied to the soil and enhances nutrient uptake, crop quality and yield. 5 MIN provides natural nutrients, precursors, cofactors for improving the growth and vigor of the plants. The presence of biopolymers ensures longer viability of the microbes and act as biocatalysts for the plants under normal / saline / acidic / alkaline soil conditions.


– Increases the nutrient availability, translocation and nutrient use efficiency.

– Effectively controls soil borne fungal pathogens.

– Improves the organic content and microbial population beneficial to soil and plant.

– Promotes growth & tolerance of plants under stress.

– Enhances the defense potential by eliciting the pathogen responsive genes & improves plant health & yield.


Unique features of 5MIN:

– 5MIN is a multifunctional microbial stimulant.

– Product application in soil is easier (100gm/acre) compared to the high volume/doses of Biofertilisers (5litres/acre).

– Enables the availability of minerals.

– Instantly soluble in water.

– Fast revival of microbial inoculants after application in soil.

– Transportation cost & storage space is low.

– Product shelf life 2 years.

Crops Recommended: Paddy, Wheat, Vegetables & other crops (Tomato, Chili, Brinjal, Bhendi & Cucurbits family)


Soil broadcasting or

drip irrigation: 100g / acre 

Shelf life: Two years.

Mode of Action:

– 5MIN stimulates plant growth by enabling the solubilization of fixed nutrients, production of phyto-hormones & organic substances.

– The organic acids & enzymes released by the microbes in 5MIN solubilizes the fixed minerals (P, Zn, Fe, S & fixation of N) and enhance the availability of nutrients to plants.

– The production of few selective enzymes reduces the effect of stress hormones & increases the growth of roots and shoots.

– The volatile organic metabolites act as inducers & trigger the physiological potential of the plant.

Method of Application:

Seed Treatment:- 5MIN at the rate of 1 gm / litre of water is dissolved and kept for 30 minutes. It is then used for treating one kg of seeds before sowing. Similarly seedling roots can be dipped for 30 minutes prior to planting after preparing 1 gm of the product in one litre of water.

Drenching / Drip Irrigation :- 5MIN is dissolved in 1 litre of water & kept for 30 minutes. It is then mixed in sufficient quantity of water that is adequate for coverage & kept for 30 minutes and applied through drip irrigation / drenching.

Soil Broad Casting :- 5MIN is dissolved in 1 litre of water & kept for 30 minutes. It is then mixed with sufficient quantity of soil / FYM required for one acre & applied as soil broadcasting.

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