Chemical Fertilizers

We are quality manufacturers of Chemical Fertilizer Mixtures in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka for the last 5 decades. These are balanced fertilizer (N: P: K) blends as approved by each state and they are crop specific.


Crop Specific.

Based on the different soil conditions as per the approval of each State Government.

Supplement balanced nutrient requirements by each crop.

Production in strategic locations to cater to the requirements of our farmer clientele.

Flower Fertilizer

Flower / Fruits / Vegetables Fertiliser for Kitchen Garden

Flower or Garden Fertilisercontains Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus and neem.


The essential nutrients helps the plant with vigorous growth, leading to the development of colorful bright flowers.

Crops Recommended: All kitchen Gardens.

Dosage: 25-50gms / plant (Roses & other flowering plants)

Shelf life:  Two years.


The fertiliser can be applied to flowering plants twice at 20-day intervals.

Mode of Action:

The fertilizer are absorbed by the garden plants and utilized for plant cell metabolic activities.


40% NPK + 5% Micronutrients
(Water Soluble Fertiliser)

Nutrifast is a water-soluble fertilizer, containing high-quality macro and micronutrients required in proportion, for supplementing the nutrient use efficiency of plants. It can be used both for soil and foliar application.


Nutrifast has superior quality of macro and essential nutrients. It does not contain any chloride ingredient. It provides fast growth to the crop. It is suitable for integrated Nutrient Management Systems.


Crops Recommended: All crops.


Foliar application : 500 gm / acre.

                                 1.25 Kg / ha

Fertigation / Drip : 1.0 kg / acre.

                                  2.5 Kg / ha

Shelf life:  Two years.


Nutrifast can be applied for all crops. For effective results, it should be applied either early morning or late afternoon. It can also be applied through drip irrigation systems.

Mode of Action:

Nutrifast when completely absorbed by the plant foliage and root system is utilized for plant cell metabolic activities for faster growth resulting in yield increase.

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