Beneficial Bioinoculants for Seed Coating StanoRich is a microbial inoculant based new generation seed coating technology. It contains a consortium of Biofertilizer that supplies the nutrients and produces phytohormones required for seed germination, plant growth & establishment.


StanoRich with its host of beneficial biofertilizer consortia helps in improving the overall plant health and yield potential.

StanRich comes with high-quality polymer coating technology that minimizes dust off by providing superior adhesion property to seed treatment components.

StanoRich is cost-effective bio-inoculants mends to co-exists very well with the native rhizosphere population.



StanoRich contains distinctive biological organisms.

StanoRich involves a new generation of high-quality polymer coating technology.

StanoRich is ecofriendly and cost-effective farmers friendly technology.

Mode Of  Action

StanoRich through biological means supplies nitrogen, phosphorous, potash besides producing plant hormones like gibberellins, auxins, etc,. These cumulatively trigger the metabolic activity and the connected enzymes leading to better early germination of seeds and its sustained growth and establishment.

Seed Treatment :

Mix Pour 125 ml bio binder (provided along with this product) in 1250 ml of water and then add 25 gm of StanoRich into the bio binder blend and then mix the contents thoroughly to get a uniform suspension. Treat the seeds required for one hectare with this suspension. Dry the coated seeds in shade for 30 minutes before sowing.

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