Green Miracle

Anti-transpirant cum Stress Alleviator

Green Miracle is a new-generation, anti-transpirant cum anti-stress product derived from plant extract. It contributes to a cooler canopy, reducing plant tissue temperatures and blocking harmful solar radiations and thus performs at levels that match or exceed standard.


Green Miracle by reflecting incident light lowers internal leaf temperature and thereby protects the plants from thermic stress.

Green Miracle by moderating the water loss through transpiration conserves moisture, improves RWC in plant tissues and imparts drought tolerance. 

By improving plant health, Green Miracle helps to increase productivity and yield even under stressful conditions.


Reflects sun light and lowers internal leaf temperature.

Conserve moisture and imparts drought tolerances.

Quality enhancement.

No visible residue to scrub.


Green Miracle by reflecting incident light more than it would occur under normal condition, lowers internal leaf temperature, moderate the transpirational water loss and thereby protects the plants both from thermic and drought stress.    

Dosage: 3 Litres/Ha

Shelf life: Two years

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