Tea is the second most commonly consumed drink in the world surpassed only by water.  It isn’t consumed for its taste and aroma but also for its refreshing, energizing, and healing properties. We understand that ‘Tea’ is more than just a drink – ‘It is an emotion’. Therefore, we formulate teas and instant tea premixes to cater to individual preferences.

We are excited to introduce our newly crafted line of certified teas. The blended teas from Stanes offer a deliciously special and refreshing home-made tea experience with ultimate flavour and taste. Our skilled blenders carefully select fresh tea from superior gardens to capture as much taste and aroma in order to deliver a uniquely delicious blends.

Our Products


Green Tea

Stanes Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverages, loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for both mind and body. We offer you the most authentic blend of the purest green tea, made from the best hand-picked leaves with the freshness, aroma and taste all intact in every sip that you take.

Our Green tea is a natural powerhouse of antioxidants and amino acids that detoxifies your body and triggers your senses.


Stanes Red Rose Special Dust Tea

A very special tea made from the finest tea leaves plucked from the high hills of Assam to give more creaminess with taste, strength and flavour to every cup.

Golden Assam Tea

Stanes Golden Assam Premium Tea

The finest Assam teas selected by the masters is blended with care to give more strength and taste as our Golden Assam Premium Tea.

Assam teas are known for their tart, malty flavour and heady aroma. This tea is perfect for tea lovers who love a cup of tea that is bold in colour and stronger in taste.

Stanes Silver Assam Tea

Stanes Silver star Tea

Our Silver star tea is a mix of the finest Assam and Nilgiri tea selected by the masters and blended with care to give more strength and taste for those who prefer a ‘kadak chai’.

Nilgiri teas are known for their exhilarating aroma while Assam teas give the perfect colour.  A blend of these teas offers a taste that is unparalleled.

Flavoured TEAS

Add some flavour to your cup of green/black tea with Stanes flavored teas. A perfect way to begin your day feeling refreshed or by taking the first steps to a healthy life.

Our range of flavoured teas are carefully infused with natural essential oil extracts from a selection of spices, fruits, nuts, and flowers. The use of this special assortment provides inimitable taste and flavour to your teas as well as promotes balance in the mind and body.

Our teas are created as distinctive blends and taste-tested to give you an aromatic, flavored and refreshing cup of tea.

flavoured tea

Enjoy the complete list of our flavoured tea blends and popular flavours include

Masala Tea

Malasa Black Tea

Spice up your day with a cup of comforting Masala chai from the house of Stanes. A delectable fusion of black tea blended with an assortment of fresh and aromatic indian spices, our Masala Tea has a rich taste and robust flavour that leaves a lasting spiced aftertaste and a pleasant feeling.

Cardamom Tea

Cardamom Black Tea

Take yourself a minute and relax with our delicious Cardamom Tea. Stanes Cardamom tea gives you an elevated flavour and taste to black tea. Cardamom’s natural taste and aroma awaken your senses, with every sip like a beautiful symphony that brings a refreshing feeling to both mind and body.

Ginger Lime Tea

Giner Lime Black Tea

Stanes Ginger lime tea is a herbal blend that brings together the citric lemon and refreshing ginger properties. This cosy tea is as comforting as a warm blanket on a cold day. The lemon and ginger enhances the taste of the black tea to give you an exclusive flavour as well as building immunity in your body.

Lemon Tea

Lemon Black Tea

Tea with lemon is a classic and energizing combination. Whether its black tea or green tea, the bold citrus flavour makes the tea standout. Stanes Lemon Tea is blended with fresh lemons and herbs that leave a sweet citrus aftertaste. Take a sip of our Stanes Lemon tea and soak in the lemony bliss.

Rose Tea

Rose Black Tea

Detox your body in the most soul endearing way with Stanes Rose tea. A perfect blend of supreme quality tea with fragrant petals and buds of the rose flower. One of the best cleansing teas! It gives the face a natural glow by removing all the impurities you absorb during the day and its natural aroma soothes you all day.

Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Black Tea

Our Chocolate tea is a decadent dessert tea, with high notes of chocolate and a light tea finish, which is ideal as an after-dinner indulgence or sweet delicacy at any time of day. This tea features cocoa that provides additional health benefits that other teas may not provide by itself.


Stanes Coffee products

We offer a variety of house-blended coffees and essence profiles that can fit any tastes, to further entice your taste buds. Our coffees have been tried and tested by our customers for decades, and continually satisfy even the most demanding coffee drinkers.

Premium Coffee

Stanes Premium Coffee

Stanes Premium coffee is made from high-quality coffee beans. It is a fine blend of 80% arabica and robusta coffee, 20% high quality chicory.  Our premium coffee is a time tested blend to give more aroma and taste that gives you a perfect cup of coffee for a refreshing start of day.

Stanes Popular coffee

Stanes Popular Coffee is a favourite amongst strong coffee lovers. Its 55% coffee, 45% chicory blend gives an aromatic, strong cup of coffee at a very economical price.

Popular Coffee


Dialyfe Tea

Syzygium jambolana fruit (commonly known as Malabar plum or Jamun) is proven to control blood sugar levels in diabetics as per the published literature. Other herbs such as Phyllanthus niruri, Cassia auriculata, Gymnema sylvestris, Terminalia bellerica, Terminalia chebula & Emblica offcinalis that are endorsed to function as rejuvenators and hypoglycemic agents are also part of this proprietary blend. Enriched with high antioxidant activity, the herbs in DIAYFE help to control diabetes-related complications.


De-cholestrate Tea

Ginger (Zingiber officinale), as per Ayurvedic texts, is a rhizome that aids to accelerate digestion of accumulated cholesterol and triglycerides and in their removal in synergistic combination of herbs.

The other herbs as extracts in the proprietary blend are Terminalia bellerica, Terminalia chebula, Emblica OfficinalisCyperus rotundus, Embelia Ribes, Commiphora Mukul, Piper nigrum, Piper longum, and Zingiber officinale. Enriched with antioxidants, this blend is good for health and weight management. The herbs as per Ayurvedic texts have the properties to detoxify blood and relieve arthritic pain.

Decol Tea

DeCol Chaha consists of herbs that are prescribed in Ayurvedic texts for their bronchodilating and decongesting properties. It contains extracts of Licorice and other herbs, which are helpful in producing broncho-dilation and for lowering recurrent attacks of cough, cold and fever. It is an excellent preparation for controlling allergic rhinitis and bronchitis. The herbal extracts of Coleus aromaticus, Ocimum sanctum, Solanum trilobatum, Alpinia galanga, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Adahtoda vasica as authenticated in Ayurvedic texts are also blended for respiratory health.

DeCol Chaha


Stanes Digesty is a piquant, spicy and zesty blend of warming herbs that aids in enhanced absorption. The infusion of spicy, hot Piper nigum (commonly known as black pepper) along with carminatives helps to stimulate appetite and improves the digestion. The other herbs as extracts in this proprietary blend are Nigella sativa, Piper betel, Piper longum, Zingiber officianalis and Carum copticum which are authenticated in Ayurveda to promote digestive health.

Digesty improves digestion, affected due to dyspepsia, indigestion or colic is perfect to accompany or follow any meal.


Energety is a special belnd of antioxidants that gives all the benefits of black tea and more. It is blended with natural plant constituents of varied antioxidant capacities like Vitis vinifera (Grapes), Avena sativa (Oats), Glycyrrhizia root extract (Licorice) and Emblica officinalis (Amla), etc. to derive the maximum benefits from drinking a cup of tea. This tea full of potent antioxidants helps your body to maintain vigor and to quench the free radicals formed in the body. The herbs in Energety provide high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that make this tea an excellent energizer.

Energe Ty

Health Benefits

Enhances Immunity System

Prevents degenerative diseases

Promotes Metabolic Functions

Helps the body to maintain its natural vigour

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