Drought Care


Drought mitigator

Drought Care is based on Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylobacterium (PPFM) – a beneficial environment-friendly bacteria known to protect the plants from drought stress.


Drought Care, by inhibiting the formation of ethylene through breaking down its precursor ‘ACC’, protects the plants from drought.  Also, through the production of plant hormones like Cytokinins and Auxins, Drought Care improves the growth and yield of plants. It also enhances seed germination and improves the seedling growth and vigor.


Under drought conditions, ethylene level is more in plants which are not only inhibitory to plant growth but also dehydrates the plants. But at these stressful times, the Droguht Care produces an enzyme that breaks down the immediate precursor of ethylene – ‘ACC’ to ammonia and α – keto butyrate, which can be further metabolized by the PPFM bacteria for their own growth. Thus Drought Care by inhibiting the formation of ethylene protects the plants during drought and other stressful conditions.

Dosage: 3 Litres/Ha

Shelf life: One year

Seed treatment:  Drought Care 125 ml + 100 ml of Biobinder used to treat seeds required for one hectare. Mix the Drought Care and Biobinder at the recommended rate and then treated the required quantity. Shade dry the treated seeds before sowing. 

Foliar application: Drought Care (3 liters/ha) is to be mixed with 500 liters of water and spray uniformly over the plant foliage. Repeat application is to be done depending upon the severity of the stressful condition.


Drought Care imparts drought tolerance to plant.  

Drought Care produces Phytohormones like Cytokinin (trans-zeatin riboside) and auxin (indole acetic acid). It also colonizes and establishes well in the Plant’s phyllosphere.


Plant Vitalizer

Fytovita is a plant vitalizer based on the combination of important vitamins and amino acids which are essentially needed for plant growth.


It helps to enhance plant growth and improves plant health.

It helps to mitigate the abiotic stress in plants, enhances photosynthesis and improves the yield and quality of produce.


Fytovita promotes cell elongation and cell division. It enhances shoots growth and early rooting. The amino acid in Fytovita improves plant growth and yield.

Dosage: 2.5  to 3.0 litres /Ha

Shelf life: Two years

Method of application:  Foliar application

Time of application: Three applications at vegetative,  pre-flowering, and fruit setting stages.


Supplies the essential vitamins and amino acids needed by plants, imparts tolerance towards abiotic stresses and improves the overall health, growth and yield of the plants. 


What is Modulin?

Modulin is a foliar bio-stimulant product with organic mineral activators. The mineral activators in the formulation activate the target gene and work as signal inducers for the plant to respond and activate the plant metabolism which promotes plant growth and leaf development.


Modulin contains a blend of organic mineral activators, leaf protein concentrates, minerals and soluble silicates.

Moduliln final


Maximizes the genetic potential of plants.

Increases the structural integrity of cell membranes, cell division and regulates the developmental processes and augmentation of the physiological potential in crops. It also increases root growth and uptake of nutrients and thereby ensures better crop yield. In short  Modulin activates the physiological process, growth and productivity in plants.

Dosage: 2.5 to 3.0 Kg/Ha

Time of application :

Modulin to be applied during flowering and fruit development stages.



(Biostimulant - a source of organic Nitrogen)

Plant extract to stimulate plant growth naturally Pepto is a photo-bio stimulant rich in low molecular weight peptides coupled with natural growth stimulating bio-molecules and metabolic enhancers without the use of any chemical additives.


Pepto is a good source of organic ‘n’. It promotes healthy roots, alleviates abiotic stress and does not cause environmental pollution like the chemical urea and nitrates. 

Ready-made building blocks for protein synthesis.


Low molecular weight peptides and the natural growth stimulating bio-molecules regulates enzymes, glutamine synthetase and citrates synthase, leading to improved plant health and yield.

Dosage: 2.5 to 3.0 Litres/Ha

Shelf life: One year

1st application:  Vegetative stage (20-25 days after transplanting)

2nd application:  Pre-flowering/fruit formation stage.

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