Green Miracle

(Plant Stress Alleviator)

Formulation: Liquid

Green Miracle is a new-generation and anti-stress product for agricultural crops. It contributes to a cooler canopy, reducing plant tissue temperatures and reflects harmful solar radiation.


Green Miracle reduces the water loss from the plant surface by reflecting a greater amount of incident light than it would occur under normal conditions. It helps plants to recover from thermic and/or cold stress and improves resistance to drought and frost. Green Miracle helps to maintain the relative water content and turgor of the plant cells. Green Miracle improves the post-harvest keeping quality and vase life.

Crops Recommended: All Crops.

Dosage: 1.25 lit / acre and 3.0 lit / ha.

Shelf life: Two years


Preparation of spray solution by filling the dry, clean container with the recommended amount of

Green Miracle and add water. Stir well to get a good emulsion.

Mode of Action:

Green Miracle functions primarily on the principle of reflecting the sun’s rays. Applied as a foliar spray, it forms a thin glassy film-coat, which reflects incident light more than it would occur under normal conditions. This prevents the thermic effect of light on plant tissues.

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