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Bio-Gro is an organic manure produced through decomposition of selected biomass, in a scientific manner, deploying naturally occurring well known microbes. Further, the end product is exposed to a specific process of sterlization during decomposing processes. Methodologies and implementations are standardized for moisture content organic matter contents and in addition enriched with beneficial Microbes.

Bio-Gro is a potting medium with a number of wanted charectors like:

  • Porocity
  • Water holding capacity
  • With lower density inhancing the bulkiness of medium
  • With lots of capillary spaces to improve the aeration in the medium
  • Gives optimal soil features proper healthier root development with a needed root shoot ratio.
  • Blended with other selected decomposed biomass of vegetable origin which are natural.
  • The end product is sterilised and standardised with macro and micronutrients.
  • Impregnated with beneficial from the nature.

To make the product more user friendly, the bulkiness is reduces through compression and at the same time the product is optimally compressed taking care to ensure that the product does not lose its basic qualities like creating good aeration, improving the water holding capacity and the other growth promoting features which are the unique charecteristic features of Bio-Gro


  • Bio-Gro is an organic decomposed biomass with cell beneficial microbes.
  • It is a growing medium with porosity, water holding capacity and light in density, facilitating proper and extensive root growth.
  • Bio-Gro is made out of the spongy portion of Cocos nucifera fruits after extraction of the fibers from the measocarp. The coarse pith of coconut (coco pith) is known for binding, water holding and aerating the rhizosphere.
  • Bio-Gro is made out of it's coarse coir pith, enriched with natural organic source for macro and micro nutrients.
  • Compression of the volume of the organics is so proportionately organized to create a good aeration, water holding capillaries and growth facilitating medium.


  • Being an organic medium enriched and evolved scientifically under the technical supervision with good infrastructure facilities, it is recommended without any hesitation for all gardens for proper and better culture medium with 100% value addition.
  • Bio-Gro has a vision to produce a product to fulfill the passion of organic farming with the ultimate aim of growing healthier crop for a healthy society.
  • Bio Gro proved to be a good medium for culturing indoor plants, home gardens and open fields.
  • It binds the soil, creating aeration and water holding capacity.
  • It prevents nutrient loss through leaching, evaporation and facilitating less use of fertilizer application.
  • It creates an atmosphere for growing healthier crops with minimal agro inputs including water.



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