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  • Bacterimycin for the control of Bacterial fruit blotchin Melon View PDF
  • Grapes Cultivation with Stanes products View PDF
  • Effect of liquid biofertilizer on the nutrient View PDF
  • Effect of liquid formulation of Symbion - NView PDF
  • Effect of Nimbecidine on P. demoleus on citrustView PDF
  • Laboratory bioassay of some entomopathogenicView PDF
  • Nimbecidie to control nematodeView PDF
  • Nimbecidie to control yellow stem borerView PDF
  • Nimbecidine Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) on chilliView PDF
  • Pathogenicity of Three Commercial ProductsView PDF
  • Stanes Bio Cure-B alterneriaView PDF
  • Use of Entomopathogenic Fungi & Neem Bio-Pesticides for BrassicaView PDF
  • potato rhizoctonia biocure B View PDF
  • Control of Afflotoxin toxin contamination in food grains with stanes products View PDF
  • Effect of Nimbecidine and Neemazal View PDF
  • Effectiveness of Nimbecidine for the Control Storage pests in pulses View PDF
  • Nimbecidine Recommendation for Snail Control View PDF
  • Effeciency of  Nimbecidine and certain entomopathogenic fungi formulations against bean aphids, Aphis craccivorain broad bean field View PDF