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The house of Stanes has a proud lineage that goes way back to 1861, with Sri Robert Stanes. The organisation was founded as a tea planting company and the coffee curing works. This marked the beginning of greater things to come, expansion of plantation holdings, diversification into fertilizer mixing (1890), automobiles (1940), ... and many more growth areas.

The company has developed grass-roots level contacts, supported by a network of over 12,000 dealers with over 200 field sales and service personnel to effectively cater to the demands of the agriculturists.

Today, Stanes is a large business house from peninsular India, engaged in manufacturing and marketing, encompassing a diverse range of activities that includes Organic Fertilizer, Micronutrients, Bio-fertilizers, Botanical Pesticides, Microbial insecticides, Microbial fungicides, Microbial nematicides Antitranspirants, immunomodulators and Seeds to name just a few.

Friends of the Earth

Man has been living in harmony with the plant kingdom for ages. In fact, agriculture has been mankind’s primordial occupation. They are the vital source for our basic necessities of existence - food, water and fresh air. But then, in the race for existence, the agile man has moved far quicker than the mute plants. Technological advancement has brought about an alienation from laws of nature. Productivity and yield have quite often relegated concern for mother nature. This has been mainly due to use of chemicals which poison the soil, ground water, plants and animals which live on them. This detrimental effect of artificial inorganic inputs on the fragile eco-system calls for a return to nature.

We, at T.Stanes & Co. Ltd., feel a strong sense of responsibility to safeguard our earth and the environment. This has spurred us to intensify research and develop agro-inputs that are bio-degradable, eco-friendly, safe to use, protect the crop and increase the yield. Exactly why we are called - Friends of the Earth.